What is ContractIQ?

A showcasing platform for the works of companies from around the world that build mobile apps, write firmware and mobile-enable enterprise apps.

What is work?

Work is anything you created for a customer or for your own company. It could be an app, a script, an integration service, a platform - Just about anything that involved higher order engineering input.

Why should we update our work on ContractIQ?

Other general purpose social networks & listing directories either don't have the right audience or lack in engagement. Think of ContractIQ as a place to broadcast your works to the audience that's most interested in knowing about you and engaging with you.

How do I show our works on ContractIQ?

Every work has a screenshot or a video. We've made it very simple for you. You can just point to a URL and we'd take care of making it look good. Does it not look great visually? Simply grab a pre-built visual that goes with your works. What's important is the description and keywords that go with the works. So, focus on explaining and categorizing your works because they directly impact visibility and engagement.

We are a new team and our works are from our past. Are we at a disadvantage?

No. Show what you've done as side projects or in your past work and tag it to the past business or employer. But it still is your work and the experience means something to the present company you are involved in.

I'm not a mobile solution provider & I am looking to work with the firms in your network. How do I go about it?

You can start the conversation with us here. Once we receive your note, we'd call you. ContractIQ offers a highly personalized, concierge type advisory service for mobile, analytics and cloud initiatives. The service is offered free of cost, for now.

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