The rules of mobile are yet being written. Definitions of mobile design, consumption, engagement and monetization are all being re-written every day. Mobile has put tech in the hands of people that have so far been excluded. There are few men and women who shape this phenomenon. ContractIQ picked 50 of them. By following them, you follow the journey of mobile!

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We listed down over 300 important executives in the mobile space. We rated them on business, intellectual and social media impact. We used tools to measure social media impact & consensus votes among a few expert industry insiders to decide on business and intellectual impact. We balanced the list to include both thinkers and doers. The list is not in any order.

Benedict Evans
Partner at Andreessen Horowitz (16z)

The in-house analyst at Andreessen Horowitz. Ben is known for his deeply analytical take on the evolution of mobile business models. He asks pertinent questions about the evolution of the mobile ecosystem, which quickly become topics of wider discussion in the industry.

Sundar Pichai
SVP of Android, Chrome and Apps

Sundar leads the future of Chrome and Android. Google’s mobile future and its dominance in search is dependent on Chrome and Android coming together.

Eddy Cue
SVP Internet Software & Services, Apple

Know Cue? Congratulate him!
Cue played a significant role in Apple. He is credited with setting up the Apple Online Store in 1998, the iTunes Music Store in 2003 and the App Store in 2008. He has been in charge of the Apple Maps and Siri since 2012. For Apple, 2015 will be the year when it disrupted mobile payments and Cue will lead the effort.

John Legere
CEO & President, T-Mobile

Know John? Congratulate him!
John Legere has been revered for T-mobile's "uncarrier" approach to the world of contract-free wireless networks. In 2015, we expect John to go forward in the same “uncarrier” direction and actually improve experience for the American smartphone users.

Travis Kalanick
CEO, Uber

Know Travis? Congratulate him!
Transportation as a platform service, powered in real-time by the smartphone is disrupting a very old industry. Travis is doing it at a breathtaking pace across the world, notwithstanding the PR fumbles. 2015 would see Uber dominating the transportation space, setting the stage for platform dynamics to manifest in the years to come.

Ron Conway
Angel Investor, SV Angel

Know Ron? Congratulate him!
Ron’s SV Angels came on top in 2014 as the most active venture investor in the mobile category. SnapChat, Wit.Ai and Secret could be called out as SV Angel’s category defining investments in mobile.

Tony Fadell
CEO, Nest Labs (Acquired by Google)

Know Tony? Congratulate him!
As Founder of Nest labs, Tony Fadell represents all things IoT (though he does not like to be called an IoT product). He is known as one of the Fathers of the iPod for his work on the early generations of Apple's iPods. Nest is the prototype for a conscious smart home. Combined with Google’s deep machine learning expertise, Tony’s smart devices effort will move the smart home movement forward in 2015.

Brian Wong
Founder & CEO of Kiip

Know Brian? Congratulate him!
Brain was among the youngest ever to receive VC funding, when he was just 19. Kiip is a mobile loyalty + advertising platform. Brian evangelizes the concept of leveraging “moments of truth” for branded rewards for gamers and is now taking the idea to branded apps as well. He continues to influence the larger dialog in the mobile loyalty and rewards space.

Matias Duarte
VP - Design,Google

Know Matias? Congratulate him!
Nobody can call Android ugly anymore, thanks to Matias. Leading Android UI/UX since Honeycomb, he is behind Lollipop’s new Material Design that has become the cool new standard for minimalism and cleanliness across all app interfaces.

Kenneth Lerer
Managing Director, Lerer Hippeau Ventures

Know Ken? Congratulate him!
Kenneth Lerer is the Managing Director of Lerer Ventures, a seed-stage venture capital fund and the Chairman of Betaworks and Buzzfeed. Next to SV Angels his venture firm has been the most active investor in the mobile category for 2014.

Jason Spero
VP - Performance Media, Google

Know Jason? Congratulate him!
Jason is the boss at Google for the Performance Media business that touches over a billion devices, with its ads. Google is still a market leader in the mobile ads space, though contested heavily by Facebook. 2015 would be a fascinating year for Google’s Ad business when Chrome and Android come together.

Brendan Iribe
CEO, Oculus Rift

Know Brendan? Congratulate him!
Brendan Iribe is seen as one of the world's most successful entrepreneurs working in the video game industry. He is credited with the development of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. What is VR going to become - An excuse to leave reality for a better experience or a shortened dose of vomit-inducing sickness? The launch of Oculus Rift early this year is going to answer all these questions.

Naveen Tiwari
Founder, InMobi

Know Naveen? Congratulate him!
Naveen runs one of the largest mobile ad networks that competes head-on with AdMob-Google. InMobi continues to innovate on the mobile ad space. In 2014, they announced a $25M fund to help indie gamers monetize better. As Asia leads mobile innovation, InMobi will drive advertising innovation in this region.

Simon Segars

Know Simon? Congratulate him!
Simon Segars is the CEO of ARM Holdings, the Semiconductor IP company in England. Nvidia, Samsung or Qualcomm – They all depend on ARM processors to power their SoC (or let’s simplify it to ‘chip’). ARM’s low power processor designs power most smartphones in the world.

Kevin Chou
CEO, Kabam

Know Kevin? Congratulate him!
Kevin Chou is the founder of Kabam and drives its overall business and growth strategy. One of Kevin’s many achievements is turning a tiny ‘free-to-play’ mobile gaming startup into a billion dollar company. With Alibaba’s $120M investment, Kevin is taking Kabam to new heights in 2015.

Suhas Uliyar
VP Mobile - Oracle

Know Suhas? Congratulate him!
Suhas Uliyar is in charge of Mobile Strategy and Product Management at Oracle. In a year that can separate a clear enterprise mobile winner from the rest, Suhas has his job cut out to take Oracle across the poll position on enterprise mobility.

Tim Draper
Founder, DFJ & Draper University

Know Tim? Congratulate him!
Besides being a venture capitalist, Tim Draper’s ‘school for innovators’ is churning out exuberant entrepreneurs every year for tackling the nuances of Silicon Valley.

Ma Huateng
CEO, Tencent

Know Ma Huateng? Congratulate him!
Ma Huateng founded Tencent Inc., one of China's largest internet companies. Tencent became China's answer to AOL and grew to be a powerful company. WeChat, the mobile messaging platform, is Tencent's bet to dominate messaging, shopping and even banking.

Steve Mollenkopf
CEO, Qualcomm Incorporated

Know Steve? Congratulate him!
Steve drives Qualcomm’s strategy for powering our science-fiction-like-future through IoT devices, wearable technologies, smartphones, Android cars, mobile gaming, 4K video processing, wireless charging, superior telecom connectivity, and many more.

Jingming Li
Group Vice President, Alipay

Jingming Li is the face behind Alipay. With over 15 years' experience handling technology transformations for top-ecommerce, internet and technology companies around the world, he would be the one meeting the threat of Apple Pay head-on in Asia.

Suhail Doshi
CEO, MixPanel

Know Suhail? Congratulate him!
Suhail Doshi is the CEO and Co-Founder of MixPanel, the company that helps mobile businesses track over 17 billion user-action analytics every month! Suhail is building an important analytics company in a space that has not yet settled several fundamental questions about creation, distribution and consumption.

Nick Land
Non-Executive Chairman - Vodafone Foundation

After a long-standing career at Ernst and Young, Nick Land is now the non-executive director of Vodafone. Under him, Vodafone Foundation continues to influence global thought processes in using mobile to create social impact and awareness.

James Foster
Senior Director, Engineering, at Apple

James Foster was the founder of XMOS Semiconductor before moving onto Apple as the Senior Director of Engineering. The mechanics and miniaturization efforts for the Apple Watch are credited to him.

Thomas Hogan
CEO - Kony

Know Thomas? Congratulate him!
Thomas Hogan heads Kony Inc. an enterprise mobile development platform. ContractIQ’s own extensive survey with app development companies predicts Kony to break into the stronghold of enterprise product players like Oracle, SAP, Sales Force and IBM.

Phil Buckellew
VP, Enterprise Mobile at IBM

Know Phil? Congratulate him!
With the partnership with Apple, IBM’s mobile story for the enterprise has become even stronger and we can expect big wins for the group that Phil leads within IBM.

Mike Rosenbaum
EVP - Platforms at Salesforce

Know Mike? Congratulate him!
Mike Rosenbaum has had a significant role to play across many sales and business operations at Salesforce. Salesforce now has over 2000 apps and 1.5 Million installs. How exactly Salesforce fends of nimble, niche competition while fighting its old rivals, would be an interesting watch, for the year 2015.

Dr Richard Soley
Executive Director, Industrial Internet Consortium

Dr Richard Soley is the face behind the vision and direction of the Industrial Internet Consortium. You may be excused for not knowing what it is. IIC is an industrial consortium of major players working on arriving at the standards for the ‘Internet of Things’ industry.

Spencer Scott
Digital Advertising Executive, CRO at Fiksu

Know Spencer? Congratulate him!
Spencer has taken Fiksu past the $100M revenue mark. Spencer is a sought after speaker in the mobile and gaming industry conferences and he influences his peers from the industry through his ability to predict the future of mobile / ad-tech industries.

Hosain Rahman
Founder and CEO, Jawbone

Know Hosain? Congratulate him!
Hosain Rahman has made Jawbone into a high class consumer technology and wearable products company. He is credited with innovative thought and elegant design for his range of products. Jawbone is among the few mass market success stories in the Wearables category.

Neela Jacques
ED, OpenDayLight

Know Neela? Congratulate him!
Neela Jacques is the OpenDaylight Project's executive director and is renowned for his work on collaborative development. Jacques was selected as the permanent ED of Open Day Light to rally people around the cause of Software-defined Networks (SDN).

Evan Spiegal
CEO, Snapchat

Know Evan? Congratulate him!
Evan Spiegel left Stanford to focus on developing SnapChat, just a few months shy of completing his degree. Snapchat is the flag bearer of the ephemeral products space. Evan will be a key influencer for anyone who is looking to ride on mobile / secure messaging / ephemeral collaboration areas.

Lie Jun
CEO, Xiaomi

Lei Jun is a Chinese businessman, well known for his work on founding the company, Xiaomi Tech, one of China's largest technology companies. 2015 would tell if Xiaomi is the new Samsung.

Gadi Amit
Principal Designer, New Deal Design

Know Gadi? Congratulate him!
Gadi Amit is a San Francisco-based designer behind some rather innovative and lasting technology devices created over the last decade, such as the FitBit tracker line and the Lytro Camera. As the wearable space catches on, Gadi will greatly influence the design of many of the gadgets that occupy our wrists.

Paul Eremenko
Head of Project Ara, Google

Paul Eremenko is the director of Project Ara, which works towards creating open, modular smartphone platforms under Google's Advanced Technology and Projects division.

Bob Mansfield
Special Projects, Apple

Know Bob? Congratulate him!
Bob Mansfield left the role of Senior Vice President of Technologies at Apple just to helm affairs on unnamed future projects. He has been virtually absent from any media radar for some time. With Apple’s secretive nature, everybody’s excited what may come out of the hat in 2015. It could be Apple’s own chip, say some!

Rick Costanzo
EVP & GM, Mobile at SAP

Know Rick? Congratulate him!
Rick Costanzo is the EVP and GM of SAP Global Mobility Solutions. With no clear winner emerging in the enterprise mobility space, Rick has to compete with the usual enterprise suspects (Read Oracle, IBM and Salesforce) to provide a cohesive and compelling mobile roadmap to its customers.

Tim Tuttle
Founder & CEO, Expect Labs

Know Tim? Congratulate him!
Tim Tuttle quit his job when he was 30, and moved into an apartment in Massachussets to reinvent the Web with Bang Networks. Leading the AI startup Expect Labs, he describes 2015 to be the year when speech-recognition is going to become cheap and ‘freakishly good’ with better-than-human accuracy.

Terry Myerson
EVP - OS Group, Microsoft

Know Terry? Congratulate him!
Behind the vision for a unified operating system, Terry is Microsoft’s most important man for 2015. With the launch of Windows 10 planned for early 2015, he is setting out to make Windows as ‘one of the most comprehensive platforms ever’!

Andreas Constantinou
Founder, Vision Mobile

Know Andreas? Congratulate him!
Andreas Constantinou oversees the growth and strategy at VisionMobile, with fourteen years experience to his credit in the mobile industry. Vision Mobile publishes insightful reports on the going-ons of the mobile industry.

Tim Hayden
Business Strategist

Know Tim? Congratulate him!
Tim Hayden is the co-author of book “The Mobile Commerce Revolution” and is a strategic marketing advisor. He is a keynote speaker at several social / mobile conferences and advises startups and mid-market companies on their digital strategy.

Bob Egan
Author, Speaker and Researcher, CEO @ The Sepharim Group

Know Bob? Congratulate him!
A veteran mobile industry analyst, Bob Egan is the CEO and founder of The Sepharim Group - A mobile industry research company.

Maribel Lopez
Analyst, Founder - Lopez Research

Know Maribel? Congratulate her!
The founder of Lopez Research, Maribel Lopez is renowned for her deep industry knowledge and expertise in the field of Mobile Market Research and Analysis.

Rob Tiffany
Strategist, Co-Founder, NetPerceptor

Know Rob? Congratulate him!
Rob Tiffany is a mobile + IoT strategist, besides also being revered as an international speaker. He is most famous for the Windows Mobile Accelerator.

Chetan Sharma
Technology and Strategy Consultant

Know Chetan? Congratulate him!
A leading strategist in the mobile industry, Chetan Sharma has served as an advisor to senior executive management of several Fortune 100 companies in the wireless space and is considered a leading authority on the mobile data technologies and consumer trends.

Kevin Benedict
Senior Analyst, Cognizant

Know Kevin? Congratulate him!
Kevin Benedict is a senior analyst for Digital Transformations at Cognizant, and is an avid watcher of enterprise mobile industry trends. Kevin interviews leading mobile industry executives for his blog, frequently.

David Stephenson
IoT Evangelist, Author

Know David? Congratulate him!
Recently named one of the IoT's 100 top global thought leaders, David Stephenson focuses on smart aging, using a combination of wearable devices and home devices to allow seniors to age in place with dignity, improved health and low costs.

Chris Silva
Analyst, Gartner

Know Chris? Congratulate him!
Chris Silva covers enterprise mobile at Gartner and is known for his predictions and analysis of issues concerning mobile security.

Chris Hazelton
Research Director at 451 Research Team

Know Chris? Congratulate him!
Chris Hazelton is a Research Director at Enterprise Mobility, as part of 451 Research's Mobility Team. He is known for his expertise on mobile hardware and software for enterprise, large and small tech vendors.

Michael Facemire
Analyst, Forrester

Know Michael? Congratulate him!
Michael Facemire is an analyst with Forrester and focuses on mobile and web development. He is a much sought after public speaker and is considered the Cloud Strategy Guru.

Tom Wheeler
Chairman, FCC (Federal Communications Commission)

Know Tom? Congratulate him!
Tom Wheeler holds the key for Telco M&A approvals, Net Neutrality & Spectrum auctions in the US. A venture capitalist and lobbyist for the cable and wireless industry, he is also the President of the National Cable & Telecommunications Association and the CEO of the Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association.
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