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Appstrakt Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   

Appstrakt builds digital solutions to help innovative organisations promote their brands, extend their customers’ experience and improve their company operations within today’s connected and techno...more

Employees: 50
Founded: 2010
Technologies:   PHP    Java    Android    iOS    Windows Mobile    C#    .NET   

Antwerp, Belgium

10to1 Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   

We build customized software. Together with you, we look at your needs, and together with you, we build the solution. From day 1 you can see what we develop, and what the end result will be..more

Employees: 10
Founded: 2006
Technologies:   Ruby    Rails    iOS   

Antwerp, Belgium

OpenAnalytics Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Open Analytics

OpenAnalytics is a consulting company specialized in statistical computing using open technologies. We provide services and products to support the data analysis process end-to-end, across industr...more

Employees: 13
Founded: 2009
Technologies:   R Programming   

Antwerp, Belgium

Creating Digital LLC Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Creating Digital Llc

Creating Digital is a New York City and New Jersey based website design agency providing professional website design, and web development in WordPress / Magento. .more

Employees: 15
Founded: 2009
Technologies:   Android    iOS   

Hoboken, US

Antwerp, Belgium

Bump Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   

Bump is a full service design agency with a heart for technology We define ourselves as craftsmen of the phygital world. We facilitate the digital transition for companies and brands by augmentin...more

Employees: 6
Founded: 2012
Technologies:   Haskell   

Antwerp, Belgium

Codeface Ltd Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Codeface Ltd

We provide outstanding web development and web design services. We have built successful websites for many happy clients ranging from small voluntary sector organisations to the BBC. .more

Employees: 10
Founded: 1999
Technologies:   Ruby    Rails   

Hove, UK

Antwerp, Belgium

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