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Sparkle Disign Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Sparkle Disign

Digitall-full-service agency Sparkle Disign was founded in 1999. We have established themselves in the development of brand strategy, creating websites. graphic design, marketing promotion and indi...more

Employees: 60
Founded: 1999
Technologies:   PHP    Java    Python    Android    iOS    Windows Mobile    MySQL    Ruby   
21TORR Interactive Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
21 Torr Interactive

We are dedicated to the best idea and those solutions that focus on individual benefits for our clients. .more

Employees: 100
Founded: 1994
Technologies:   Android    iOS   

Stuttgart, Germany

Dealplatz-Ethnic Market Place Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Dealplatz Ethnic Market Place

Dealplatz is the best and most convenient way to get location dependent information like Latest Events, Grocery Stores, Restaurants, Cultural Activities, Travel and more, filtered by Ethnic of inte...more

Employees: 1
Founded: 2012
Technologies:   Android    iOS   

Ulm, Germany

WidasConcepts Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Widas Concepts

We are a global professional services company, providing a broad range of services and solutions in Big Data, Internet Of Things, Mobile, IT strategy, consulting and operations. .more

Employees: 50
Founded: 2015
Technologies:   PHP    Java    Python    Android    iOS    Windows Mobile    MySQL    Postgres   
sovanta AG Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Sovanta Ag

We offer innovative, end-to-end solutions and services. We represent a whole new generation of business applications, which we develop according to our principle of design-driven development. .more

Employees: 20
Founded: 2009
Technologies:   iOS    Windows Mobile    SAP Mobility   

Heidelberg, Germany

Sybit Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   

The Sybit stands for excellent advice and solutions expertise in the areas of customer relationship management ( CRM ) , e-business , mobile business and multimedia platforms ..more

Employees: 200
Founded: 2000
Technologies:   Hybris   

Radolfzell, Germany

FH Consulting Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Fh Consulting

FH Consulting provides corporate business solutions to its customers, as conceive of Full Solution Provider, covering all processes of the value chain, from business strategy through the developmen...more

Employees: 500
Founded: 1999
Technologies:   Hybris   
Netbiscuits Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   

Netbiscuits is a global leader in mobile analytics and device detection. Netbiscuits delivers compelling analytics and device detection products to help companies achieve increased reach and pe...more

Employees: 41
Founded: 2000
Technologies:   iOS    HTML5   
Unic Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   

The staff at Unic draw from a broad range of expertise, excellent methodological competences and many years of project experience in all aspects of e-business. .more

Employees: 500
Founded: 1996
Technologies:   Hybris   
Bridging - IT Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Bridging It

idgingIT is the IT consulting company. We offer our customers attractive solutions and a comprehensive portfolio for the challenges in the IT world. For candidates we offer a highly attractive work...more

Employees: 500
Founded: 2008
Technologies:   Hybris   

Mannheim, Germany

DMC - Digital Media Center Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Dmc Digital Media Center

As Germany’s largest owner-operated eCommerce service provider, we develop innovative and creative technology for online shops and eBusiness platforms, with a commitment to “Better eCommerce”..more

Employees: 500
Founded: 2007
Technologies:   Hybris   
Laudert Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   

Media production, media consulting and media IT – by incorporating these services in the best possible way, Laudert offers you efficient media management for print and web. .more

Employees: 500
Founded: 1959
Technologies:   Hybris   
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