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Auxenta Inc. Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Auxenta Inc.

We help companies ensure that their software engineering stability, scalability, security and performance is on par with their business expansion strategies. We have unparalleled software quality a...more

Employees: 25
Founded: 2013
Technologies:   PHP    Java    Python    Android    iOS    Windows Mobile    MySQL    HTML5   
BizAppsi Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Biz Appsi

BizAppsi is a software development and integration company specialized in mobile technologies. Our specialists who had collaborated in different contexts were brought together to deliver you valuab...more

Employees: 2
Founded: 2012
Technologies:   iOS   

Seattle, US

Colombo, Sri Lanka

hSenid Outsourcing Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
H Senid Outsourcing

hSenid Software International. is an International software development company with offices in United States, Singapore, India and three R&D centers in Colombo, Sri Lanka. It was founded in 1997 w...more

Employees: 10
Founded: 1997
Technologies:   Android    iOS    Blackberry    Windows Mobile    HTML5    Symbian   

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Acnet Technologies Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Acnet Technologies

Acnet Technologies (pvt) Ltd is a leading Sri Lanka web, software and mobile application development company. Our core business model is providing dedicated offshore Human resource for software, we...more

Employees: 0
Founded: 2014
Technologies:   Android    iOS    Windows Mobile    HTML5   

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Appwolf Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   

Appwolf is a professional, process oriented IOS and Android app development firm offering high quality, affordable solutions to a global client base. Over the past year and a half we have worke...more

Employees: 5
Founded: 2009
Technologies:   Android    iOS   

Colombo, Sri Lanka

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