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Crayon Digital Reach Pvt Ltd. Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Crayon Digital Reach Pvt Ltd.

Crayon'd blends refreshing design, rich user experience and best in class technology to produce path breaking products on Mobile. With Creativity that truly transpires and technical prowess that re...more

Employees: 20
Founded: 2012
Technologies:   PHP    Java    Android    iOS    MySQL    HTML5    MongoDB    Wordpress   

Chennai, India

Stamford, US

InnovationM Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Innovation M

InnovationM provides specialized design & development services in the technology space - focusing on an end to end solution development (product development & custom application development) on mob...more

Employees: 75
Founded: 2010
Technologies:   Java    Android    iOS    HTML5    PhoneGap    PHP    Python    MySQL   

Noida, India

New Canaan, US

2Base Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
2 Base Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

2Base Technologies is a prominent web and mobile application development Company in India, USA and Saudi Arabia. 2Base Technologies has set a strong foothold in the IT world as a leading mobile and...more

Employees: 33
Founded: 2009
Technologies:   PHP    Android    iOS    MySQL    HTML5    Wordpress    JQuery    CodeIgniter   
New Wave Industries Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
New Wave Industries

New Wave Industries was created during the Internet's infancy to answer the call for more appealing, more effective website design. We also recognized the need to satisfy the growing demand for web...more

Employees: 0
Founded: 2011
Technologies:   Android    iOS    Blackberry   

Newington, US

i2eConsulting Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
I2e Consulting

i2e Consulting is a software services company providing innovative Enterprise solutions to clients across the globe. We specialize in delivering end-to-end solutions in the Enterprise Project Manag...more

Employees: 50
Founded: 2008
Technologies:   iOS    Android   

Mumbai, India

Waterford, US

Moo Digital Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Moo Digital

Moo Digital is a production studio that exclusively partners with some of the world's leading technical and creative teams on web, mobile and application development engagements. Our team’s di...more

Employees: 10
Founded: 2010
Technologies:   PHP    Java    Android    iOS    MySQL    HTML5    Wordpress    Drupal   

Bethel, US

Seanergy Softech Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Seanergy Softech

Seanergy Softech is a Global IT consulting company providing competitive and cutting-edge business solutions to major organizations worldwide..more

Employees: 200
Founded: 2004
Technologies:   Tableau   
Fidato Technologies Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Fidato Technologies

Fidato Technologies is a software development company of CT, USA with offshore development center in India which provides custom development services to the customers with strong competencies in Mi...more

Employees: 12
Founded: 2009
Technologies:   Android    Blackberry    Windows Mobile   

Stamford, US

Trinay Technology Solutions Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Trinay Technology Solutions

Trinay Technology Solutions offers IT and ITES services to small & midsize enterprise companies and software product companies. With development center in India and Staff augmentation, we can provi...more

Employees: 34
Founded: 2005
Technologies:   Android    Blackberry    Windows Mobile   

Manchester, US

Davalign Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   

Davalign is
based in trumbull
, founded in the year 2008 . They specialize in PHP, Java, iOS, Android, and they provide App services and, you can find more about them on their website

Employees: 1
Founded: 2008
Technologies:   PHP    Java    iOS    Android   

Trumbull, US

Mea Mobile Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Mea Mobile

We make Apps. Best known for our advanced video processing algorithms, and social sharing platforms MEA Mobile also makes the iGloLEDset: Individually addressable WiFi controllable color LED light ...more

Employees: 25
Founded: 2009
Technologies:   Android    iOS    Windows Mobile   
Quartus Technology Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Quartus Technology

We are a collection of dedicated Graphic Designers, Programmers and Marketing Professionals who work together and collaborate with our clients to create solutions of the highest quality standard. .more

Employees: 10
Founded: 2010

Darien, US

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