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SETA International Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Seta International

SETA’s custom application development services, includes app creation, management, distribution and extension services. Our team of experienced create engaging mobile apps across all platforms incl...more

Employees: 400
Founded: 2008
Technologies:   Java    Android    iOS    Blackberry   

Costa Mesa, US

GreatLike Media Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Great Like Media

GreatLike Media is one of the leading web design and Internet Marketing company based in Orange County. We provide web services such as web design, e-commerce, web development, SEO, PPC, social med...more

Employees: 50
Founded: 2010

Irvine, US

Costa Mesa, US

Bit Theory Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Bit Theory

We are a premier web and mobile app development company that focuses on the practice of development..more

Employees: 10
Founded: 2011
Technologies:   Ruby    Rails   

Costa Mesa, US

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