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Azur Mobile Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Azur Mobile

The first statement of the company is to support innovative initiatives. We wish to participate in our economic dynamism of the French Riviera. - See more at:

Employees: 2
Founded: 2012
Technologies:   Android    iOS   

Nice, France

Reservoir Dev Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Reservoir Dev

Reservoir Dev developping mobile applications since 2010 for all the platforms : iOS / Android / Windows. We have experienced developers for each technology. We developed a lot of applications for...more

Employees: 4
Founded: 2010
Technologies:   PHP    Android    iOS    MySQL   

Aubagne, France

Sybite Technologies Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Sybite Technologies

Start-up Consulting | Enterprise Web Solutions | Mobile Application Development | Quality Assurance and Testing | Cloud Computing | Dedicated Development Teams.more

Employees: 85
Founded: 2010
Technologies:   Java    Python    Android    iOS    Ruby    Symfony    Angular.js   
Backelite Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   

Backelite is a major player on the mobile services development market in Europe. We create, adapt develop and publish multimedia services for smartphones, tablets and connected TVs..more

Employees: 200
Founded: 2006
Technologies:   iOS    Windows Mobile   

Paris, France

The App Lab Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
The App Lab

We design and build mobile applications on tablets or smartphones, for internal business use (B2B) or external (Consumer)..more

Employees: 10
Founded: 2009
Technologies:   iOS    Android   

Paris, France

octo Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   

more, everywhere and everytime. For everybody! Every day we create outstanding software products and we carry out information systems transformation assignments embedded in your business challe...more

Employees: 1
Founded: 2014
Technologies:   PHP    Java    Android    iOS   

Paris, France

PureAgency Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Pure Agency

From mobile strategy consulting to design, development and mobile marketing, Pure Agency's 80 experts help the most famous brands in Europe to implement profitable and measurable mobile solutions. .more

Employees: 100
Founded: 2008
Technologies:   Android    iOS    Windows Mobile    HTML5   

Paris, France

KRDS Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   

We are one of the leading Facebook marketing agencies outside the US, featured in a Facebook’s press release in 2012..more

Employees: 100
Founded: 2008
Technologies:   PHP    Ruby    Rails    HTML5   

Chennai, India

Paris, France Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Banzai Tokyo.Com

iOS app and game developers.more

Employees: 1
Founded: 2012
Technologies:   PHP    Python    iOS   

Kostroma, Russia

Lieoux, France

Reply Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   

Reply specialises in the design and implementation of solutions based on new communication channels and digital media..more

Employees: 5000
Founded: 1968
Technologies:   Hybris   

Turin, Italy

London, UK

Bremen, Germany

Ciber Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   

Client focused and results driven, Ciber partners with organizations to develop technology strategies and solutions that deliver tangible business value..more

Employees: 6500
Founded: 1974
Technologies:   Hybris   
Clicmobile Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   

Clicmobile is a mobile digital agency that understands the evolving digital world and masters shifting technological landscapes. .more

Employees: 50
Founded: 2013
Technologies:   Android    iOS    Blackberry    HTML5   

Paris, France

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