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Nishansh Technologies OPC Pvt Ltd. Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Nishansh Technologies Opc Pvt Ltd.

We are specialised in developing Mobile apps on iOS and Android. We help people with there ideas and make sure for them to accomplish success. Our whole team is passionate about anything mobile..more

Employees: 5
Founded: 2014
Technologies:   PHP    Android    iOS   

Kanpur, India

systoo impex india pvt.Ltd. Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Systoo Impex India Pvt.Ltd.

Systoo Impex India Pvt. Ltd. is not just only a website designing company but also one of the India’s leading software development, mobile app development, web development, website promotion & digi...more

Employees: 100
Founded: 2015
Technologies:   PHP    Java    Android    iOS   

Kanpur, India

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