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Effectus Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   

Our main purpose is to work with our customers to turn their ideas into innovative high-value products. We offer development of high-quality mobile and web applications to meet our customer uniq...more

Employees: 6
Founded: 2016
Technologies:   Android    iOS    Ruby    Rails    Postgres    MongoDB    React    HTML5   

Montevideo, Uruguay

Bixlabs Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   

Bixlabs builds apps for companies creating social impact. We’re a Top Developer in Latin America (ranked by 2015 & 2016). Our clients have their iOS, Android and web apps built wit...more

Employees: 28
Founded: 2014
Technologies:   Android    iOS    Rails    HTML5    Node.js    PhoneGap    Angular.js    Backbone.js   

Montevideo, Uruguay

Xmartlabs Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   

We're a product development firm that caters the demands of high-growth startups and forward-thinking companies aiming to build mobile-first software products. Our team is distributed between Mo...more

Employees: 15
Founded: 2012
Technologies:   Android    iOS    Ruby   
Codigo del Sur Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Codigo Del Sur

We work in a professional and planned way within a fun and motivating environment, knowing that communication and quality are crucial when working offshore. .more

Employees: 40
Founded: 2007
Technologies:   iOS   

Montevideo, Uruguay

Innvenio Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   

Innvenio is a digital creative production company. We offer services for advertising industry, creating interactive user experiences to support advertising campaigns. .more

Employees: 10
Founded: 2011
Technologies:   Android    iOS   

Montevideo, Uruguay

ASAP Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   

ASAP is a botique software development firm.more

Employees: 11
Founded: 2008
Technologies:   Java    Python    Android    iOS    MySQL    Django    JQuery    Node.js   
UruIT Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Uru It

We’re a team of brilliant developers, UX/UI design experts and Agile certified professionals focused on building great web and mobile apps since 2007. .more

Employees: 70
Founded: 2007
Zimmic Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   

Zimmic is a 100% human based Salesforce family, We build strong relationships, then we shape your ideas and bring them to life, on time and budget..more

Employees: 10
Founded: 2010
Technologies:   iOS   

Montevideo, Uruguay

TopTierlabs Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Top Tierlabs

We are a development shop focused on Ruby On Rails and mobile development for iOS and Android. We are full stack developers and we definitely love what we do. Whether you are a small compan...more

Employees: 24
Founded: 2011

Montevideo, Uruguay

Cubox Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   

We are a Development shop that will make your apps shine and your users happy. We deliver value! We specialize in Ruby on Rails (and other Ruby based technologies), Javascript, Go, Mobile and the ...more

Employees: 50
Founded: 2008
Technologies:   Ruby    Rails   

Montevideo, US

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