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New Wave Industries Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
New Wave Industries

New Wave Industries was created during the Internet's infancy to answer the call for more appealing, more effective website design. We also recognized the need to satisfy the growing demand for web...more

Employees: 0
Founded: 2011
Services:   App   

Newington, US


Quartus Technology Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Quartus Technology
Founded: 2010
Employees: 10

United States      
Davalign Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Founded: 2008
Employees: 1

PHP    Java    iOS    Android
United States      
i2eConsulting Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Founded: 2008
Employees: 50

iOS    Android   
India    United States      
InnovationM Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Founded: 2010
Employees: 75

App    Design    Middleware
Java    Android    iOS    HTML5
India    United States      
Seanergy Softech Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Seanergy Softech
Founded: 2004
Employees: 200

Data Visualization   
United States    India    United Kingdom   
Crayon Digital Reach Pvt Ltd. Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Crayon Digital Reach P...
Founded: 2012
Employees: 20

App    Integration    Platform
PHP    Java    Android    iOS
India    United States    United Kingdom   
Moo Digital Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Moo Digital
Founded: 2010
Employees: 10

App    Integration    Platform
PHP    Java    Android    iOS
United States      
Fidato Technologies Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Fidato Technologies
Founded: 2009
Employees: 12

Android    Blackberry    Windows Mobile   
United States    United Kingdom      
Trinay Technology Solutions Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Trinay Technology Solu...
Founded: 2005
Employees: 34

Android    Blackberry    Windows Mobile   
United States      
Mea Mobile Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Mea Mobile
Founded: 2009
Employees: 25

Android    iOS    Windows Mobile   
New Zealand    United States      
2Base Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
2Base Technologies Pvt...
Founded: 2009
Employees: 33

App    Integration    Platform
PHP    Android    iOS    MySQL
India    India    Saudi Arabia   
ICODA Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Founded: 2017
Employees: 15

App    Design    Blockchain
PHP    Java    Android    iOS
Lithuania    United States      

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