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RedBit Development Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Red Bit Development

RedBit Development is
based in oakville
, founded in the year 0 . They specialize in Windows Mobile, and they provide App services

Employees: 0
Founded: 0
Technologies:   Windows Mobile   

Oakville, Canada

DevBBQ Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Dev Bbq

Development both rare and well done. DevBBQ is a team of business analysts, software engineers, and creative talent who bring scalable products to life. Made with love. Mobile and Web Devel...more

Employees: 8
Founded: 2010
Technologies:   iOS    HTML5   

Toronto, Canada

Oakville, Canada

Interpix Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   

Interpix Design is a user experience design and strategy firm founded in 1995. We have a commitment to delivering successful user experiences and have worked with local and international companies ...more

Employees: 5
Founded: 1995
Technologies:   Android    iOS    Windows Mobile   

Oakville, Canada

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