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Sourcetoad Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   

Sourcetoad is a custom software engineering firm based in Tampa, Florida, and Perth, Australia. We specialize in cross-platform development for mobile, web, smart TVs, and anything that can run Pho...more

Employees: 17
Founded: 2008
Technologies:   PHP    Android    iOS    MySQL    HTML5    Postgres    Drupal    Joomla   

Tampa, US

Perth, Australia

TechAffinity Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Tech Affinity

We are a software development and services company that specializes in providing technology services to Small and Medium Enterprises and G2000 including F500. .more

Employees: 150
Founded: 2000
Technologies:   PHP    Java    Python    Android    iOS    Windows Mobile    MySQL    Ruby   

Tampa, US

Chennai, India

Edison, US

Enterra Inc. Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Enterra Inc.

Enterra Inc. has developed over 50 sophisticated enterprise mobile projects (cross-platform, native, client - server, etc.) for iOS, Android and Windows Phone since 2006..more

Employees: 90
Founded: 2001
Technologies:   PHP    Java    Python    Android    iOS    Blackberry   

Barnaul, Russia

Tampa, US

Williams Web Works Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Williams Web Works

Williams Web Works aims at providing a large number of professional services in the following fields of activity: mobile application design, web site creation, web hosting, domain registration and ...more

Employees: 5
Founded: 1996
Technologies:   Android    iOS    HTML5    Wordpress    Sharepoint    Joomla    JQuery    PhoneGap   

Tampa, US

Type 2 Designs Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Type 2 Designs

Founded in 2010, our hard work and dedication has helped us grow quickly in the fields of mobile apps, web design and digital advertising..more

Employees: 17
Founded: 2010
Technologies:   PHP    Java    Python    Android    iOS    Windows Mobile    HTML5    MongoDB   

Tampa, US

Mad Mobile Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Mad Mobile

We build and power best-in-class mobile websites for top brands and retailers. .more

Employees: 50
Founded: 2007
Technologies:   iOS    Android   

Tampa, US

SymbyoTechnologies Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Symbyo Technologies

Symbyo is leading provider of Software R&D services. Symbyo Collaborate with its clients to provide high quality IT solutions at very competitive price. With deep industry and business process expe...more

Employees: 18
Founded: 2005
Technologies:   Android    iOS    Blackberry   

Tampa, US

352 Media Group Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
352 Media Group

352 Media Group is
based in tampa
, founded in the year 1997 . They specialize in PHP, Java, iOS, Android, and they provide App services and, you can find more about them on their website

Employees: 1
Founded: 1997
Technologies:   PHP    Java    iOS    Android   

Tampa, US

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