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Android: The Metrics to Watch

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Who will win the mobile OS battle? We’re placing our bet and think we have the data to back it up.

By the end of 2014, Android will be the dominant mobile Operating System (OS).  And we’re not talking about devices shipped. While that’s a useful reference, it does not get at devices in hand and really is somewhat nebulous. Instead a better measure is actual consumer activity–that means actions consumers are taking on their mobile devices.

So back to the actual bet: by the end of 2014, Android devices will eclipse iOS as the dominant smartphone activity generator and will grab at least 25% of the rapidly growing tablet market. But don’t trust us blindly, think about the big questions that will determine the victor in the mobile OS battle and look at the data.

Device Choice: One of the compelling value propositions for Android is that there is a device for every consumer. Want a big screen? Need a keyboard? There is an Android phone developed for every major consumer use case. But how many of the hundreds, possibly thousands, of Android devices available to consumers are gaining any real type of traction?...

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