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The highs and lows of mobile app development

The highs and lows of mobile app development

Added almost 3 years ago | As appeared first on Diginomica | Author: Jon Reed

The good news: during a webinar survey, a full 25 percent of participants had yet to build a mobile app. Ergo, companies still have a chance to learn from the knee scrapes that others have endured. As for those who have deployed shoddy apps, presenter Ian Finley pretty much said – and I agree -that if you have a substandard mobile app, you might as well start over before a competitor whips your pudding.

Finley began by noting the usual stats on heavy mobile adoption: Gartner predicts that by 2015, mobile will equal PCs as the top channel for brand engagement, and top PCs two-to-one when it comes to social engagement. Finley didn’t connect these dots, but I suspect he would agree that the reason for the level of social engagement on mobile is what is referred to as ‘snacking’ – dipping on and off the Internet for quick bursts of interactivity on the go.

Despite its name, ‘snacking’ is anything but trivial and has big implications for mobile apps gone wrong via design that doesn’t take into account short attention spans and the need to quickly pull and post information.

Bad mobile apps get a public spanking....

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