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 Hot from the oven - Mobile Ad CTRs & Spends from the holiday season!

Hot from the oven - Mobile Ad CTRs & Spends from the holiday season!

Added almost 3 years ago | As appeared first on Kenshoo | Author: Josh Dreller

The biggest eye-popping growth was in Phone and Tablet activity with spend, clicks, and revenue in 2013 across those devices representing a much larger share of the pie than in 2012.

For example, in November 2012 through Cyber Monday, marketers spent 79.5% of their paid search budgets on Computers (i.e. laptops, desktops, notebooks, etc.) with just 11.8% going to Phones and 8.7% to Tablets. This year, the rate of change is astounding. Although paid search advertisers continued to spend a majority of their budgets on Computers in 2013, they dropped it by 24.1% YoY to just 60.3% of total spend for Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

Phone budgets grew by 79.1% YoY to 21.2% of total paid search spend while Tablets grew a whopping 113.6% YoY to 18.5% of total paid search spend...

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