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Developing apps that don't drain batteries or consume data

Added about 3 years ago | As appeared first on mobiThinking

So how do you know if your swanky app is a data or battery hog? Well, that’s easy – you can test it (then ask your developers/agency why they didn’t). But this blog post hopes to also explain: a) what constitutes a bad app – whether that’s down to ignorant, inconsiderate, unethical or malicious development practices; b) why it matters; c) why you need to do something about it before you are rumbled (it’s just a matter of time); and d) how you can establish if you have put your name to a bad app.

But first, let’s start with the video that inspired this article. Meet the Application Resource Optimizer (ARO) from AT&T Labs. It’s not going to be the only tool for testing your mobile app, but ARO just picked up the Smartphone Application Challenge Award at the GSMA Global Mobile Awards, which is a pretty good endorsement. ARO has also been included in the App Quality Alliance (AQuA)’s latest update of its Best Practice Guidelines. Plus, ARO is now open source, so you don’t need to be a member of the US mobile operator’s developer program to use it. Here’s a video introduction...

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