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Connected Car - DIY with this Android powered kit

Added almost 3 years ago | As appeared first on Dr. Dobb's | Author: Mike Riley

I have been interested in car computing since it was more popularly called telematics. The first in-car app I wrote was back in the late '90s using a laptop and a first-generation Sierra Wireless Edge network modem. It was a Java-based application that grabbed weather and news from the Internet and ran these through a Text-To-Speech engine so that my eyes didn't leave the road while driving. Other than the bulky size and power hunger of the laptop combined with the limited cellular network bandwidth, it did a pretty good job overall.

Nearly a dozen years later, that original vision I had for an in-dash telematics device has been fully realized. Parrot, the company behind the imagination-capturing AR.Drone, has released the first Android-based in-dash car computer. The Parrot Asteroid is an in-car multimedia infotainment system that provides a foundation for an in-car real-time computing experience. The Asteroid ships with a standard bundle of five apps for the US market: Maps (GPS+Data = Google Maps), TuneIn (Streaming Internet Radio), Wikango HD (a subscription-based speed trap detection app), Roadtrip (a points-of-interest app that compliments the Maps app), and Weather (local forecasts).

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