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Added over 3 years ago | As appeared first on Mobile Marketer | Author: Kari Jensen

Warby Parker sees mobile email as an engagement tool, which through the brand's witty comments and silly video links helps drive opens, click-throughs and social sharing.

The vision wear online and bricks-and-mortar retailer intuitively understands that busy consumers want to be assisted and entertained simultaneously and quickly. So Warby Parker devised an email response that takes capitalizes on how mobile users are increasingly consuming video from their devices and sharing funny content with friends.

“If somebody comes to them with a customer service problem, whether over the phone or a message or an email or a call in their off hours, Warby Parker has a team - they didn’t say how big it is, it could be one person - who will build video content to resolve that [problem] and email it to the person,” said Steve Rowen, Boston-based managing partner at RSR Research.

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