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Inquidia Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   

We help companies become data-driven through full lifecycle data and analytics services: Strategy, Architecture, Engineering, Analytics and Science. We help you identify what it takes to become dat...more

Employees: 13
Founded: 2006

Chicago, US

Datascope Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   

We solve big data problems by operating in the space where analytics intersects consulting and design. We borrow the good parts from each of these areas, enabling our clients to make better decisio...more

Employees: 10
Founded: 2009

Chicago, US

CBIG Consulting Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Cbig Consulting

CBIG Consulting provides expert Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse, and Big Data Analytics consulting services. We help companies deliver a full spectrum of BI, DW, and Big Data-related initiati...more

Employees: 56
Founded: 2002

Chicago, US

Rosemont, US

Clarity Solution group Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Clarity Solution Group

Clarity helps companies decrease decision-making costs and increase decision-making ability through analytics, data integration and business intelligence. They provide the specialization of a bouti...more

Employees: 233
Founded: 2004

Chicago, US

Civis Analytics Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Civis Analytics

We create technologies that empower organizations to unlock the truth hiding in their own data—transforming them into smart organizations that are ready to thrive. We’ve built cloud-based products ...more

Employees: 87
Founded: 2013

Chicago, US

Lemnica Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   

lemnica is a small consulting and software firm specializing in technical computing for financial, scientific, and data analytics. We develop open source software, as well as provide hands on train...more

Employees: 1
Founded: 2009

Chicago, US

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