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Zibtek, LLC Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Zibtek, Llc

Zibtek offers Full stack development, Web design, and Digital marketing. Our experts serve Fortune 500s to midsize businesses and startups. Our agile methodologies enable us to effectively handle s...more

Employees: 200
Founded: 2007
Technologies:   PHP    Java    Python    Android    iOS    MySQL    Ruby    Rails   

Draper, US

12 Spokes Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
12 Spokes

We're a full-service application development company, with a team of talented Ruby on Rails developers backed by a cadre of clever designers and UI/UX experts. We're agile, test-driven, and awesome!.more

Employees: 50
Founded: 2006
Technologies:   Ruby    Rails   

Salt Lake City, US

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