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Beeweeb Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   

beeweeb is a software solution company that designs and develops state-of-the art mobile and convergent services for worldwide mobile operators, ISPs, broadcasters and content providers. .more

Employees: 55
Founded: 2000
Services:   App   

Rome, Italy

Imagine On Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Imagine On

We’re not just yet another software company Sure, we do create awesome apps for your business, but beyond that We’re UX-Consultants. We work closely with your experience architects and interactio...more

Employees: 10
Founded: 1999
Services:   App    Integration    Platform    Quality Assurance    Design   

Cologne, Germany

Brescia, Italy

Posytron Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   

The technical competence of professionals Posytron allow you to apply and make available immediately the new technologies for different business needs, so as to manage a continuous flow of internal...more

Employees: 9
Founded: 1999
Services:   App   

Milan, Italy

Jusan Network Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Jusan Network

Jusan Network: Smart, simple, different An old Chinese saying tells: "When the wind of change blows, some people build walls, other people build windmills". We build your windmills. Jusan N...more

Employees: 19
Founded: 2005
Services:   App   

Turin, Italy

01tribe Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   

Our service list includes: • Mobile strategy: how to reach customers, technologies and markets; • Mobile development: mobile sites, mobile apps on all main platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phon...more

Employees: 21
Founded: 2010
Services:   App   

Rome, Italy

Vetrya Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   

Vetrya S.p.A. plans to be Italy's leading innovation player in mobile, telecommunications, television e broadband services through the experiences of its founders. The mission is to create innovati...more

Employees: 47
Founded: 2010
Services:   App   

Terni, Italy

Orvieto, Italy

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