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SumatoSoft Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   

SumatoSoft is a software development company specializing in the custom development of challenging and complex web, mobile and IoT projects. .more

Employees: 90
Founded: 2012
Services:   App    Integration    Platform    Quality Assurance    Design   

Minsk, Belarus

Velmie Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   

Velmie is a team of passionate tech-nerds and experienced business advisors with access to bleeding edge technology, training and strategic business insight that position us at the forefront of the...more

Employees: 65
Founded: 2007
Services:   Blockchain    App   

Minsk, Belarus

PixelPlex Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   

PixelPlex is an award-winning custom software development company with a proven track record, a mix of broad technology expertise, innovative business culture and over 100 talented developers. .more

Employees: 100
Founded: 2007
Services:   App    Integration    Quality Assurance    Security    Ecommerce Development   
Zmest Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   

We are a team of passionate marketing professionals. We love to promote fintech and other sophisticated IT projects, conduct ICOs and reach investment attractiveness, work in marketing&PR on stock ...more

Employees: 10
Founded: 2017
Services:   Design    Ecommerce Design    App    Ecommerce Development    Blockchain   

Minsk, Belarus

Arateg Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   

We help you design and develop bespoke software solutions tailored to your unique business needs. What we do - Software Engineering - Dedicated Teams - UX & UI Design Have an idea or need ...more

Employees: 12
Founded: 2014
Services:   App    Platform    Design    BI Strategy    Ecommerce Development   

Minsk, Belarus

SENLA Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   

SENLA is an international full cycle software development company specializing in business processes automation for startups, medium and large businesses, and Fortune 500 companies. .more

Employees: 200
Founded: 2012
Services:   App    Integration    Platform    Quality Assurance    Design   

Minsk, Belarus

datarockets Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   

datarockets is a development company consisting of 25 in-house developers working remotely. Founded in 2014, they develop custom software and apps for startups and medium-sized businesses, consult ...more

Employees: 25
Founded: 2014
Services:   App    Integration    Platform    Middleware    Firmware   

Etobicoke, Canada

Minsk, Belarus

UNL Solutions Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Unl Solutions

We're a software company which offer dedicated development teams. With us you can cut IT expenses. No time difference - we're always in touch with you. Get 3 week period with IT professionals for...more

Employees: 130
Founded: 2006
Services:   App    Integration    Quality Assurance    Security    Data Integration   

London, UK

Minsk, Belarus

*instinctools Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   

We provide custom software solutions and dedicated teams of specialists matching your technology stack. Main industries and expertise: Legacy Software Modernisation | Business Intelligence | LMS | ...more

Employees: 350
Founded: 2000
Services:   App    Platform    Blockchain    Integration    Quality Assurance   

Grodno, Belarus

CactusSoft Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   

Our services cover the complete software product life cycle, from concept creation and UI design, to software development, testing, integration and maintenance..more

Employees: 60
Founded: 2007
Services:   Blockchain   

Minsk, Belarus

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