Blockchain is a perfect confluence of security and transparency – something that the entire digital world has been on the lookout for. Although blockchain is usually associated with cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, it offers a lot more than what the world knows about it. Blockchain has opened the floodgates to decentralized applications and novel ways of raising investments for crypto projects.
Although Baltimore might be the talk of the town, it is still in a nascent stage. It might be a hassle to find out the best blockchain development companies. Since the numbers are quite limited, it might not be easy to distinguish between the mediocre and the excellent.

ContractIQ helps you hire the best blockchain development companies for developing your decentralized applications or launching your own cryptocurrency. Our curated list of companies will ensure that you hire the best blockchain developers perfectly in line with your requirements. Just drop us in a line, and we will take it upon us to connect you with the best blockchain companies… anywhere on the planet… and for free!

Sara Technologies Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Sara Technologies

Sara Technologies extends its blockchain app development services beyond what people would normally think of period their blockchain development spans into the territories of the software hacking and security, and UI design. Their claim to fame is keeping the security top-notch while giving a contrasting flavours when it comes to design and costing.

Employees: 51-200
Founded: 2005
Mobiloitte Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   

Mobiloitte specialises in the usual blockchain processes like smart contact development, private blockchain development, crypto currency development, the defeat of crypto currency wallets working on multi chain blockchains, and working on enterprise level blockchains like HyperLedger. They also perform smart contract audits, and create ICOs, STOs and IEOs.

Employees: 201-500
Founded: 2004
NineHertz Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   

NineHertz specialises in the crypto space and they also develop blockchain applications. They also offer services in developing crypto exchanges, ethereum applications, blockchain apps supply chain management and even IOT. They ensure high efficiency and a client centric approach.

Employees: 51-200
Founded: 2008
Oodles Technologies Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Oodles Technologies

Oodles Technologies with its development centres in Singapore, Australia, United Kngdom, United States and India, specialises in some of the most complex blockchain solutions like STO development, ICO development and even stable coin development. They work on multiple blockchains like HyperLedger and Ethereum.

Employees: 201-500
Founded: 2009


LeewayHertz Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   

LeewayHertz brings in hold on specialisation in blockchain including but not limited to decentralised applications, custom blockchains, exchanges, tokens, initial coin offerings, and security token offerings. They also offer services in blockchain consultation and solutions in supply chain management.

Employees: 51-200
Founded: 2007

San Francisco

ThinkSys Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   

ThinkSys brings a lot of blockchain development services in their menu like private blockchain development, smart contract development, blockchain consultancy services, crypto currency Exchange development, supply chain solutions, and decentralised applications. They also combine multiple modern technologies like blockchain and internet of things.

Employees: 201-500
Founded: 2012




QuyTech Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   

QuyTech established its offices in the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, and India. They specialise in multiple blockchain technologies like smart contract, crypto currency wallet, triple, crypto currency exchanges, security token offerings, initial coin offerings and a lot more. They also specialise in multiple blockchains like Ethereum and Hyperledger.

Employees: 150+
Founded: 2010
AppsChopper Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   

AppsChopper unifies the world of mobile application development and blockchain applications. They bring in lot of like enhanced security and user centricity to ensure that their blockchain apps are state of the art. They partner with a lot of trusted brands to ensure that their clients get nothing short of best blockchain app development.

Employees: 51-200
Founded: 2011

New York



CodeBrew Labs Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Codebrew Labs

CodeBrew Labs - the name surely sounds refreshing! This company specialises in private blockchain, smart contracts creation and auditing, wallet creation and they also offer their expertise in multiple blockchains like Hyperledger and Ethereum. They have their offices in the United Arab Emirates, India, the United States, United Kingdom, Mexico, and Kuwait.

Employees: 1-10
Founded: 2016


New York


LetsNurture Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   

LetsNurture provides 360° blockchain services. They specialise in Enterprise blockchain implementation, business blockchain services, consumer blockchain implementation, smart contract and development and audit, crypto currency wallet and exchanges, and decentralised applications. They worked in multiple industries like retail, commerce, finance, travel and hospitality, and IT

Employees: 51-200
Founded: 2009


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